Developing a website for your Brisbane Small business can be simple or complex depending on who you talk to.

Websites for small and home businesses

For example a few weeks ago a friend asked me to talk to a mechanic in Brisbane who had just been quoted $2500 for a new website. I called, and in the end he simply wanted a few pages and something he could semi manage himself.

Our Quote for his small business website was $300 including hosting for 12 months and then $90 a year for hosting and low level support.

By using his business as a domain name and using some blog posts to highlight his products and services. Then by adding his business to Google Business directory and some others his site began to rank well.

The Truth About Websites For Brisbane Small Businesses

I am going to be upfront with you.  So many website developers say they will get you number one in Google but my experience is this is very rarely accomplished except for some random keywords and hopefully your business name.

If they do it is usually by using black hat systems which get you to the top quickly then relegate you to the back blocks or worse blocked.

The reason is competition. Unless you are in a very small niche you may get to number one but very few stay there. As a small business you should be varying your marketing and using your website more as a destination for your current and potential clients.

The key to a good website in today’s economy is all about constant updated information. You may have heard the old saying Content is King. We can help you with additional pages and blogging to meet the need of new search engine requirements.

Variety of Platforms

Today it is about the spread not the one. Some of your customers will look you up in Google, some will see you on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more so it is more about creating things on your website that can be spread far and wide.

Not only can we help with your website but also we can help with accounting, graphics, photos and eCommerce.

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