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A Mobile Site to Your Old Website

Many businesses have old websites built in HTML or other old styles but they still do ok. By adding a mobile website with a small amount of content can make your old website come to life for mobile viewers. You can then use a number of additional marketing systems like QR Codes and mobile search engines.

All our websites are responsive and will work on any platform from mobile to TV

However if you have an old website we can create a separate mobile website for you for better accessibility by mobile users.

PHP Mobile Stand Alone Website

This site comes with 20 preformatted pages you can choose from or we can customize individually for you.

They shrink and fit to any smart phone. We can take the information off your current website and adjust to fit the mobile website.

View the sample in our simulator or add the address to your smartphone for a better experience.

Click in the screen of the simulator phone and use your arrows.


PHP Template Mobile Websites start at $197 for up to 10 pages

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