Hi my name is Quentin Brown and I recently joined Qoin to get a wider consumer base for my products and services. If you want to know more feel free to contact me and I can help you get involved. Will open in a new tab so keep watching and reading.

Qoin is the latest generation of digital currency (Blockchain) bringing buyers and sellers together both online and in the real world.

It is an Australian initiative and it is offering participating merchants a brand-new sales channel and the flexibility to use Qoin to offset everyday business or lifestyle expenses or hold onto it for potential future growth providing, the merchant network grows.

About Qoin:

The mission for Qoin is a commercial global currency platform that empowers millions of business owners, sellers and merchants to trade their goods & services with shoppers and buyers globally.

The world of commerce is ready to adopt a widely used reliable digital currency platform that enables shoppers or buyers to easily obtain global currency to spend at their favourite merchants in-store or online. Merchants on average have 25 to 35% capacity to engage new customers and are keen to accept global currency and reward these shoppers.

Sellers continuously seek an edge on their competitors to attract new Buyers as their goods are no longer easily selling on existing marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Now is the time to create this new commercial digital currency built on a foundation of blockchain technology.

The blockchain has been built on the world’s safest, robust and scalable interoperable technologies. It has been designed for millions of users to hold and transfer Qoins and hence the blockchain and wallets will be hosted in one of the world’s most secure environments.

How am I using Qoin?

As my business is mainly digital I have added the Qoin payment to my WooCommerce platform so customers can buy my products and services using standard systems or Qoin.

Most businesses will do this face to face. In a recent trip to China we noticed the whole county seemed to run on WeChat and QR Codes for payment. This is mainly for customers.

Qoin for Businesses

If you want to be able to accept Qoin as a business owner then please feel free to contact me and I can help you plus offer additional support.

Basically you will signup and download your wallet and then we will get you set up as a merchant.

Hopoe you enjoyed this short presentation
Quentin Brown