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 Web Marketing For Profit provide a full QR Code Service including tracking. Just a few examples of how QR Codes are being used. By using both a QR Code and an optimized Mobile Website the possibilities are limitless. Our QR Code service is run through our QR Codes Australia Website

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Trackable QR Codes For Business and Organisations


QR Codes Australia provides a unique tracking system for QR Codes which can be linked to website, videos or social media.

Our process is designed to make it easy for the business, retailer, Corporate, promotions or app developer to take advantage of this new marketing technique.

We can create a mobile website designed around your current website and then link a QR Code with tracking to that site. You can create your own QR Codes, sell them to others or we will do it for you.

We offer a complete service with 1 to 500 QR Codes per account.

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