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There are two types of Search Engine Optimization.

On Page SEO

Titles and TAGS – Pages that you want to rank need unique, descriptive, and keyword-targeted TITLE tags, plain and simple. Try and just use the keyword rich title and not added site information that can dilute the ranking and compete with your home page.

META Description tag has little or no direct impact on ranking these days, however it does have 2 important indirect impacts:

1. It (usually) determines your search snippet and impacts click-through rate (CTR).

2. It’s another uniqueness factor that makes pages look more valuable.

Internal Anchor Text – its always strange to me why webmasters would have internal links to pages and not use keywords for your business. Linking to a product should have a good keyword text anchor rather than just product 123.

Image alt tags – Images are not seen by Search Engines so they should have a great name and alt text so the search engines will give you some juice for them.

On a page about staffy pups having an image called dogs.jpg is fine but if you changed it to use a keyphrase you are targeting it will be a lot more effective eg: staffordshire-bull-terrier-puppy.jpg and then a atl text such as high quality staffy pups

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is usually about linking however today there are many ways to create these links from new style directories like pinterest to facebook to stumbleupon.

It is not just the link but how it is crafted if you want to get the best results.

We continually watch and learn whats happening so we can give you the best services.

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