For the last 20 years I ran a large web marketing and web design company which I sold early in 2018.


I the early days we had to code a lot of the websites and then came the first of the What You See Is What You Get. Microsoft Front Page and Dream Weaver. There was a huge battle between the two platforms.

mp3sound Streaming Audio

In those days we were battling dial up 56 K internet which meant everything had to be very lean however there were no mobiles so just desktops. Streaming audio was just coming in and we developed one of the first streaming Audio Software packages using flash.

As broadband started to take over we were able to add more graphics and video started to roll out. I remember watching as Youtube moved into its first office and they had a cam in the office.

The other big problem was selling stuff online because there was no paypal etc and so quite often had to use checks or do a full blown business plan to take to the banks. A online merchant account was very difficult to get.

Around 2000 a bunch of payment services come online like Paypal, 2 Checkout, Authorize and Clickbank etc. This saw a huge move from the banks as we could sell internationally and get one check and not too long after direct deposits.

Mambo Web Design

We also started to use the Free Mambo which was an early type of WordPress  which allowed us to create websites online in a WYSIWYG format. It morphed into Joomla and got so complicated it fell out of favor and WordPress cam onto the market. We know how it went.

We Build Websites for You

The next huge move in the market was Mobile Phones and 2011 we made around 800 mobile websites with our brand new Mobile Website software. Because it was so successful it was cloned many times over and then responsive themes and website started to flood the market and so here we are today with really exciting websites for all devices.

We built sites for home based businesses up to corporate customers and everyone in between and had clients in 34 countries. Unfortunately I contracted cancer and other physical problems so had to retire and have been recouping over the last few years and very healthy now.


So the offer is simple. I am willing to use my skills to build you a small website for your business or association for just $300 and I will only be doing a few a month. I will host it free for one year and then $99 per year after. It can have unlimited pages and posts and is ecommerce ready with Woo Commerce.

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