Web Marketing For Profit provides two separate systems for businesses.

The first is a complete customize web development system where we will build, host and manage your website for you. This will include your websites, media, social presence and anything else you would like us to do online for you.


We are developers of online systems for small to medium businesses and make easy for any business to have a successful online portion of their business.

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Here are some of the services we provide with this system:

Web Design Services

  • Content management system
  • Virtual shops and ecommerce
  • Presentation websites
  • Mobile Websites
  • Portal systems
  • Landing Pages

Marketing Services

  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Internet advertising
  • Web analysis
  • Blog marketing
  • Social Management
  • Qr Codes

Content Creation

  • Digital Magazines
  • Web Site Content
  • Powerpoint Marketing
  • Online catalogues
  • Video Creation
  • PDF Creation

Our second system is a self managed one where we supply the foundation for you to build your own site on. We include video tutorials and many different resources to help you get the most from your website.

We know you want results. We help you get results.This site can save you a lot of time and expense as we guide you through the mine field that is Internet Marketing.

(Unsolicited Testimonial) 

“Yes, I got registered and watched a lot of the videos already. Great GREAT information. I loved every one. You are a great instructor. I watch a lot of videos and webinars and most presenters talk around in circles wasting a lot of my time. You are concise and so informative and I’m impressed.Thanks for getting the code to me…and sorry for my mistake….Ellie”

Building an online business can be one of the most difficult and confusing mazes you might ever encountered in your life. It can also be one of the most exciting and profitable ventures you can undertake.

It is all about developing some basic skills and then applying them to a good online business model for success.

When I started in 1998, I was an accounts clerk with very little computer skills however with a little training and persistence I developed my skills and today I can do most things necessary to run my online business and will share this all with you.

I have also met a lot of great people who will help me in the different specialist areas.

Questions and Answers – Probably the most important part of the program allows you to ask question and we walk you through various tasks you may have problems with.

Don’t Get Bamboozled By Technology

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