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To build or upgrade your website we use WordPress and the Divi theme which enables us to create a very professional site using templates. They can be modified however give you a great starting point. Here are some samples and the video below explains more.

This site is an example and here are a few clients, https://cybersecurityforbusiness.com/, https://sunshinecoasttriclub.com.au/, https://productcreation.com.au/ https://www.toetalpodiatry.com.au/, https://valedisplay.com.au/

We build it all for you or teach you how to build it yourself or a mixture of both

Today a website is more a sum of its parts than a standalone set of webpages. Whether you want a new website, a refurbish of an old website or a an add on to a website we can help. We specialize in small to personal websites.

A good system allows people to view it on different devices and it will distribute over other networks thereby extending the reach of your website and your initial content.

Most businesses have had their website built a while ago and now they will not show up on mobile devices properly and do not have the ability to add content re products and services.

The Process of the System

The first thing is to view the website and do some research on structure and competition. Then to make any changes to allow for more diversity and greater reach.

What Platform We Use!

We build the majority of our websites for customers using the WordPress Platform. The reason we do this is we can use the responsive format so it will adjust to any device. We also practise what we preach as this is a WordPress site.

The other reason is that we can deploy quickly and give you access to change things or add content if you want. We suggest using WordPress as a full content Management System (CMS) for the best exposure of your business.

While WordPress is free it does take a while to set up, customize and secure. The great thing is you don’t have to pay a fortune for programmers and software. This is why WordPress is a great system.

Plugins to extend functionality!

The other reason we use WordPress is that there are a number of professional plugins that allow us to do things that would otherwise need complicated programming. There are plugins for media, content, interaction, monitoring, distribution and much more.

We only use industry-standard plugins so they will not break with updates etc.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is recognized as a great platform that is built to help search engines find your site.

Search engines are looking for a constant stream of updated content however many businesses do not add anything to their website once it is built relying on the old saying from back in the old days. By adding a blog component where you can add additional info on your products and services which can make your site more attractive for visitors and search engines.

Automated distribution

In today’s market, you need to distribute your information to a number of platforms and WordPress can do much of this automatically and the rest semi-automatically. This will save a lot of time and extend your reach.

Obviously we have to set up all the services first but once done it is almost a seamless system.

New or Website Refurbished website?

We can build a brand new site for you or refurbish a current site to make it more accessible by you and your customers.

Modules Available For this System.

  • A fully Hosted system with WordPress installed and Responsive Theme
  • Reworked content and keyword targeting + additional Geo-Targeting
  • Plugins installed and customized for distribution, marketing, media, contact and statistics
  • Extensions for eCommerce and other systems

Web Marketing For Profit provides the complete Solution

We can provide a wide range of services to help your online presence. Please feel free to contact us and discuss what we can provide. Simply fill out the form below and let us know what you are looking for.

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