Communications covers a number of areas but mainly it is about interacting with customers, prospects and staff. This can be done on a phone, computer or tablets. Being able to access all your different communications on each of these devices enables you to better manage your business.

The first thing to work out is how will your online communications work and below is what we use and many of our customers use.

We are here to help you with the Online Systems

An Integrated Strategy

An integrated approach means whenever you communicate with customers you carry the same message or, at the very least, a variation of the same theme.

To maximise the benefits that may be experienced from a good communication strategy, carry your strategy throughout your entire business. Think for a moment about the brands you know well and trust – time and again you will find a consistency in everything they do.

This can be as simple as using your business’s colours or slogan on your business cards, point of sale items and promotional activity.

We primarily use Google because they integrate well into our various communication platforms. In saying this you can use any different platforms but we may not be able to help you as much.

We can help you with all these various communication systems and advise you on any other you may be interested in. Use the form to the below to contact us or call me direct on 0481 269620.

Your Communication Tools

1. Website – A contact form on a website is essential. Never put an email address on the site as it will become useless as the spammers troll it.

If you want to use skype you can also use a skype button in the contact form

Listing a phone number is also critical and having it clickable for people when they visit with mobile phones is a good idea.

2. Gmail – You can easily incorporate your business emails into a gmail account and send and receive emails as if it were your business emails.

The main thing is that gmail releases you from the business and can be used and synced on multiple devices.

3. Google Docs & Drive – If you business has price lists or communicates with people and you need to exchange and update documents this is essential. It also allows for collaboration between users.

4. Autoresponder – Following up with clients, building relationship with prospects, releasing new products or services.

5. Videos – Great for showing customers how to use products or promotion. We will show you easy ways to make them.

6. Photos – Unlimited storage of photos and videos.

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