This last week we released our new training program for people and businesses who want to use the Internet to build their business.

WMFP training USB

Existing Business

You may be an existing business who has spent some money on a website but just not getting the results you want. By buying our USB Stick training you will get access to a whole range of information that can help you improve your rankings and also develop a marketing plan.

Now you don’t have to do it all yourself.

You could outsource some of it, give the USB to a staff member and let them learn it etc. We provide training to do it many different ways so you can breeze through it and choose your option or mix and match.

Starting a New Business

If you’re just starting a new business and did some of the courses on the USB Stick it can save you a small fortune as you will learn the basics of how an online business runs and then follow the same principles as above.

Alternatively, you could use our services to build the basics of your site then simply fill in the content, products etc.

Product Developer

As the job market gets less secure in many industries there is a real surge to develop a secondary source of income and developing digital products or providing products to a niche segment of an industry is becoming very popular.

We cover this as well because we have done both. For example, we started buying USBs a while ago testing for our product so now we have quite a lot of information about suppliers, products and decorations. We have also created a number of digital products.

We have just added a new section on DIY publishing and will be adding new courses to the web side of the program on a regular basis. Here is what the Print On Demand course entails.

So now is the time to start your own online business or improve the one you already have. If you want more information be sure to contact us and we will organize a call or meet you in our conference room.

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